iPhone Supplants 1991 Radio Shack’s Entire Gadget Array

iPhone Supplants 1991 Radio Shack's Entire Gadget Array

Despite the high cost of iPhones, when you consider the array of gadgets they replace, the value becomes apparent. A recent post by Trending Buffalo highlights just how much technology we carry in our pockets today compared to the past.

Steve Cichon, the author, revisited a 1991 Radio Shack advertisement and noted that nearly all the items listed are now functionalities of the iPhone.

iPhone Supplants 1991 Radio Shack's Entire Gadget Array

The list includes devices like a weather radio, AM/FM radio, headphones, calculator, video games, camcorder, cellular phone, Speed-Dial, voice mail, and tape recorder. Essentially, your iPhone has replaced these once-essential gadgets.

Cichon calculated that purchasing all these items in 1991 would have cost $3,054.82, which is roughly equivalent to $5,100 today when adjusted for inflation.

The advertisement he reviewed can be seen below. For a detailed breakdown of the costs and more insights, visit the Trending Buffalo website.

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