Lenovo Buys Motorola, Gains Patents – News Update Jan. 29, 2013

In a significant move within the tech industry, Google has agreed to sell Motorola Mobility to Lenovo for a sum of $2.91 billion. This deal allows Lenovo to establish a stronger presence in the U.S.

market, while Google retains a major portion of Motorola’s patents, though around 2,000 patents will be transferred to Lenovo. This transaction, as reported by The Verge, could reshape the competitive dynamics, especially considering the past patent disputes between Motorola and Apple.

Additional updates from the tech world this Wednesday include:

  • An important update has been rolled out for iPhone users in China, aimed at addressing network connectivity issues.

  • Evernote’s recent enhancements to their server capabilities have quadrupled sync speeds, promising a more efficient user experience across its applications.

  • In an aggressive pricing strategy, Virgin Mobile is offering the iPhone 5c and 5s at significantly lower prices than its competitors, including Apple itself.

  • Before her upcoming role at Apple, Angela Ahrendts has been honored as a Dame of the British Empire, an accolade she shares with Melinda Gates.

  • A recent issue with Gmail has led to some users finding their emails mistakenly directed to spam or trash.

    Check your folders if you’re missing emails from mid-January.

  • An interesting development on iCloud.com hints at a new feature that could allow users to view iCloud bookmarks on any web browser.

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