iPod Buzz Dominates Tonight’s Olympics Broadcast

iPod Buzz Dominates Tonight's Olympics Broadcast

Please be aware that this article reveals details about the snowboarding events at the 2014 Sochi Olympics that may not have been broadcasted in your region yet. If you prefer to experience the broadcast as if it were live, you may want to stop reading here.

Seriously, spoilers are included below.

iPod Buzz Dominates Tonight's Olympics Broadcast

We’ve even hidden some spoilers in white text to minimize accidental reveals — highlight the text if you choose to read it.

Devoting your evening to watching NBC’s Olympics coverage tonight might lead you to hear a lot about “iPod.” Indeed, “iPod” has become an Olympic medalist, specifically in snowboarding’s halfpipe competition.

The nickname “iPod” refers to Swiss athlete Iouri Podladtchikov, who clinched the gold medal, while two-time gold medalist Shaun White did not make it to the podium, finishing fourth. (This is your final spoiler warning.)

As is common among TV commentators and sports journalists, Podladtchikov has been given the catchy nickname “iPod,” and given his impressive performance, expect to hear a lot about him in tonight’s broadcast.

So, when NBC’s commentators seem to be praising an Apple music device’s halfpipe skills (rather than the pan pipes), you’ll understand the reference.

[Photo credit: Matthew Pearce]

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