Live Coverage: Microsoft Office Launch on iPad in San Francisco

Live Coverage: Microsoft Office Launch on iPad in San Francisco

Thank you for joining us despite the technical glitches in our liveblog! Our colleagues are currently at the Moscone Center, keeping up with the developments at the Macworld/iWorld keynote session.

(Office is looking impressive, but has the ecosystem evolved beyond the need for Office for iPad users? Time will tell. –MR)

Live Coverage: Microsoft Office Launch on iPad in San Francisco

(Nadella is concluding his presentation.)

We are committed to ensuring our applications perform excellently across all platforms. We are driven by our customers’ needs, not by fear or the need to protect our turf.


Expect to hear more about our innovations at the intersection of mobile and cloud. How will Windows fit into this? Stay tuned.

The Enterprise Mobility Suite simplifies managing a diverse environment and allows IT to empower users, making them the heroes.

For Office365, we are focused on delivering a superior user experience and providing developers with extensive tools to tap into a broad market.

10:30 Nadella returns to the stage emphasizing our dedication to ensuring Office excels on every device.

10:28: Shifting focus to developers, showcasing how DocuSign integrates with Azure AD and Office365 on an iPhone.

10:24 Demonstrating Windows Azure AD application integrations, featuring SSO and two-factor authentication. (The room’s typing intensity suggests less enthusiasm compared to the iPad features.


10:22 Showcasing the enterprise management portal for mobile devices, allowing device management from a browser. (Similar to solutions from JAMF, AirWatch, etc.)

Office apps will offer a FREEMIUM MODEL for read-only access; full editing capabilities are available with an Office 365 subscription.

(These apps feature a menu bar, which is quite fascinating. –MR)

PowerPoint is optimized for iPad presentations, maintaining transitions and effects, with added annotation and laser-pointer features.

Office on the iPad introduces unique chart suggestions based on user data, providing previews of potential visuals.


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