Spotify’s New Interface Update and Key Features, April 2014

Spotify's New Interface Update and Key Features

Spotify has updated its iOS app with some keen new features, including a reworked browse function and playlist features. It also sports a “darker theme,” which I hoped would mean it’s edgy and brooding but no … they’ve just used dark colors.

Objective Development has teased LaunchBar 6 and is looking for beta testers.

Spotify's New Interface Update and Key Features

Some early photos of the first Turkish Apple Store in Istanbul (not Constantinople) have appeared online.

It’ll be located in the Zorlu Center and features a prominent and very beautiful glass shell, similar to that in New York City.

This is not really Apple news, but Amazon heated up the set-top box market this morning with the Fire TV. This thin little streaming device with 2 GB RAM, dual-band WiFi, a quad-core processor and a dedicated GPU.

It supports lots of channels and apps like Spotify and more.

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