Adobe Launches Lightroom Mobile App for iPad Today

Adobe Launches Lightroom Mobile App for iPad Today

Adobe enthusiasts and professional photographers have a reason to celebrate today. The much-anticipated Lightroom Mobile is now available for iPad, downloadable via the iOS App Store. This app is designed to complement, not replace, the desktop version of Lightroom, offering users the flexibility to edit and manage their photos remotely.

To use the app, an internet connection is necessary, and it is accessible at no additional cost to Creative Cloud subscribers.

Adobe Launches Lightroom Mobile App for iPad Today

Users must log in with their Adobe credentials to sync with their desktop Lightroom application. It’s important to note that the app is incompatible with non-Creative Cloud versions of Photoshop or Lightroom.

Adobe Lightroom Mobile is comprised of three main components: the iPad app, Lightroom 5 for desktop, and the Lightroom mobile service, which facilitates synchronization between the two platforms. Key features include:

• Effortless synchronization with Lightroom 5, allowing edits and organization on any device, anytime.
• Compatibility with a range of formats, from mobile snapshots to raw DSLR images, thanks to Smart Previews.
• Direct import capability from the iOS camera roll into the Lightroom catalog, with robust editing tools and easy sharing options.
• Direct sharing of edited images to social networks from the mobile device.
• A built-in slideshow feature to showcase photographs.
• Online access to images via

Alongside the release of Lightroom Mobile, Adobe has updated the desktop version to Lightroom 5.4 to enable these syncing capabilities.

Adobe’s introduction of a mobile version underscores the growing importance of mobile computing in today’s digital landscape.

The company has announced plans to develop an Android version, though no specific release date has been set, and there are currently no plans for an iPhone version, which is impractical due to screen size limitations. Adobe has also not disclosed any plans for a Windows tablet version.

I plan to provide a detailed review of Lightroom Mobile for iPad after thoroughly testing its features. Adobe currently offers a free 30-day trial of the desktop versions of Lightroom, available at Adobe’s official site.

The app requires iOS 7 or later and is compatible with all iPad models except the original iPad.


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