iPhone-Compatible Ceiling Fan Highlights – June 5, 2014 News

iPhone-Compatible Ceiling Fan Highlights - June 5

Today’s headlines feature an intriguing mix of technology updates and corporate disputes. Here’s what’s happening:

  • Big Ass Fans has introduced a ceiling fan that can be controlled with your iPhone. Dubbed the Haiku with SenseME, this intelligent fan can detect when someone is in the room and adjust its operation accordingly. It also adapts to your preferred comfort settings and reacts to changes in temperature and humidity.

    iPhone-Compatible Ceiling Fan Highlights - June 5

    The accompanying iPhone app allows users to set schedules and tweak settings. Now, the challenge is to justify the need for this smart fan to my better half, who holds the purse strings in our household.

  • The Pebble smart watch firmware, iOS app have been updated. For those sporting a Pebble watch, the latest firmware update (version 2.2) and iOS app enhancement bring several new features. Notably, the app now utilizes iBeacon technology to detect proximity between the watch and your iPhone.

    Additional updates include a music progress bar and expanded button functionalities.

  • Australian company claims Apple stole the name “HealthKit.” In a striking claim, an Australian firm also named “HealthKit” — which offers online health and fitness tracking — argues that Apple has infringed on their brand name with its own HealthKit. Sound familiar? Alison Hardacre, co-founder of HealthKit, expressed her displeasure, stating, “We won’t let them trample over our product. Someone needs to be fired for this. We have a business with the same name and a similar product, if they had done a quick Google search they would have seen that.

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