Apple Plans to Bring TV Advertising In-House

Apple Plans to Bring TV Advertising In-House

According to Bloomberg, Apple is transitioning more of its television advertising production in-house, reducing its dependence on TBWAChiatDay, its long-term advertising partner. This move is apparently driven by Apple’s strategy to innovate continuously in its advertising tactics to outpace competitors like Samsung.

This internal shift at Apple is hardly unexpected for a couple of reasons. Firstly, Apple has a history of preferring to handle its operations internally.

Apple Plans to Bring TV Advertising In-House

Secondly, remember the emails from Phil Schiller that emerged during a recent legal battle between Apple and Samsung in California? Schiller’s emails from early 2013 showed his dissatisfaction with what he perceived as lackluster iPhone advertisements. During the trial, it came to light that Schiller had even suggested to Apple CEO Tim Cook that they should consider a different advertising firm.

Cook’s reaction was straightforward: “If we need to do this, we should get going.”

Despite TBWAChiatDay managing to keep Apple as a client, Schiller’s concerns reportedly pushed Apple to take a more hands-on approach with its TV ads. Bloomberg confirmed that Apple’s internal teams were behind the creation of two notable iPad Air commercials from the previous year: the “Pencil” ad narrated by Bryan Cranston and the “Your Verse” ad narrated by Robin Williams.

An Apple team produced last year’s iPad Air commercial that emphasized the device’s slim design, as well as this year’s ad featuring a quote from Robin Williams in “Dead Poets Society”, among other current commercials, according to Apple spokeswoman Amy Bessette.

The internal team includes at least two former employees from Media Arts Lab, a TBWA unit dedicated to Apple, informed sources claim.

It was first reported by AdAge in September that Apple was planning to significantly increase its in-house advertising team.

Experts familiar with the company have noted that after years of maintaining a limited scope and size of internal creative staff, Apple is now significantly expanding its in-house design team. According to one executive familiar with the plans, the team could increase to between 500 and 600 members from about 300.

Bloomberg also notes that the process for creating and approving commercials has evolved. With Apple strengthening its internal advertising team with experienced executives, TBWAChiatDay now finds itself in direct competition with this internal group for each campaign.

Moreover, a report from April indicated that Apple had hired four new digital agencies to bolster its advertising efforts.

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