10 Tips to Manage Your iPhone Using Apple Earbuds

10 Tips to Manage Your iPhone Using Apple Earbuds

For many, Apple’s products are a staple of daily life, yet every day new users are discovering the joys of Apple ownership. In the second quarter of 2014, Apple reported sales of 43,719,000 iPhones. Many of these new users might not be fully aware of what their devices and the accompanying earbuds can do. If you’re curious about how to maximize the use of your Apple earbuds, or if you know someone who is new to the Apple ecosystem, this guide is for you.

Let’s dive in.

10 Tips to Manage Your iPhone Using Apple Earbuds

Understanding Your Earbuds:

The Apple earbuds come equipped with three buttons: a Volume Up (+), a Volume Down (-), and a Center Button. While the volume buttons adjust sound levels, the Center button is your gateway to a variety of functions.

If you’ve figured out the volume controls, you’re off to a good start. Now, let’s explore the capabilities of the Center button.

Mastering the Center Button:

Here are nine ways you can use the Center button to enhance your interaction with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod:

1. Play/Pause: A single press of the center button either pauses or plays your current media.

2. Track Skipping: Double press the center button to skip to the next track or chapter.

3. Fast Forward: Double press and hold the center button to fast forward through a track or video.


Track Rewind: Triple press the center button to go back to the previous track or chapter.

5. Rewind: Triple press and hold the center button to rewind.

6. Manage Calls: Press the center button once to answer a call and press it again to end the call.

7. Decline Calls: Hold the center button for two seconds to decline an incoming call, releasing after you hear two beeps.

8. Call Switching: To switch between calls, press the center button once to hold the current call.


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