Hillshire Brands Boosts Sales 20x with Beacon Program

Hillshire Brands Boosts Sales 20x with Beacon Program

In a recent initiative, Hillshire Brands teamed up with BPN and inMarket to explore the potential of iBeacons in marketing their cured meat products. By employing beacons and geofencing technology, they were able to send details on promotions directly to shoppers’ mobile devices as they entered stores. The results were significantly positive, as announced by Hillshire Farms today.

The innovative campaign utilized beacon technology to communicate with consumers via their personal devices upon store entry, resulting in a 20-fold increase in purchase intent among those who received the messages.

Hillshire Brands Boosts Sales 20x with Beacon Program

This represents a 500% improvement over the average mobile ad engagement for consumer packaged goods. These findings align with an earlier inMarket study from June, which indicated that in-store advertised products are 19 times more likely to be interacted with following an in-store notification.

The brand American Craft also saw a 36% boost in brand recognition and an increase in sales. Conducted over April to June 2014 across the top ten U.S.

markets, the campaign quickly garnered 6,000 in-store interactions within the initial two days.

The initiative was launched following research that indicated Hillshire’s target customers were less inclined to use and redeem traditional print coupons. Keen to capture this segment of the market, Hillshire’s iBeacons transmitted various promotional offers directly to consumer smartphones, including additional reward points and purchase coupons.

Encouraged by the success of this approach, Hillshire Brands plans to expand the beacon technology campaign to include its Jimmy Dean brand in the upcoming fall. This move heralds a new era where technology like iBeacons not only enhances shopping experiences but also offers financial benefits, albeit at the cost of receiving unsolicited advertisements on personal devices.


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