GPS Tag Innovations, iCat Features, and More in Latest Crowdfunding

Top Crowdfunded Projects: Highlights from Kickstarter and Indiegogo

Every week, TUAW brings to light various new or noteworthy crowdfunded projects related to Apple that have caught our attention. We typically focus on projects that have achieved at least 80 percent of their funding target, providing our readers with insights into campaigns that have a strong chance of success.

  • Tracking devices are a recurring theme in our crowdfunding features. This week, we spotlight Iota, a compact GPS tracker that communicates with a personal base station within a four-mile range. With a network of these stations, coverage could be extensive.

    Top Crowdfunded Projects: Highlights from Kickstarter and Indiegogo

    Currently, it’s at 39 percent of its goal with 20 days remaining.

  • For those with a green thumb, the Smart Plant sensor could revolutionize gardening by providing real-time health updates for your plants. It’s struggling at 6 percent funding with 33 days left, but it’s a concept worth watching.

  • While smart home devices are ubiquitous, the i-Bell offers a fresh take with its video and Wi-Fi enabled doorbell system, allowing you to see who’s at the door via your smartphone. It has successfully surpassed its funding goal by 126 percent with 13 days to go.

  • The emberlight project proposes a simple solution to smart lighting by converting any dimmable bulb into a smart bulb. It’s close to its target at 70 percent funded with 42 days left.

  • CaseCam aims to innovate the selfie game with a tripod case for iPhones that includes a remote control feature.

    It’s at 9 percent funding with 28 days remaining.

  • The CycleAT sensor for bikes and motorcycles connects to your smartphone to monitor tire pressure, enhancing your ride without interruptions. It’s a Kickstarter Staff Pick, currently at 17 percent funding with 57 days left.

  • FreeWavz offers a unique combination of wireless earphones with integrated fitness tracking capabilities. This project is at 48 percent of its funding goal with 13 days to go.

  • On Indiegogo, the FiDELYS smartwatch features iris recognition technology, aiming to provide secure app access. However, it’s struggling with only 2 percent funding and 17 days remaining.

  • Finally, meet iCat, a robotic companion designed to monitor children and home security.


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