Microsoft Targets Siri in Latest Advertising Campaign

Microsoft Targets Siri in Latest Advertising Campaign

Microsoft has recently enhanced its Windows Phone offering with the Cortana voice assistant, currently outperforming Apple’s Siri, especially with the anticipated updates in iOS 8 that are yet to be released. Capitalizing on this temporary advantage, Microsoft has launched a promotional video that humorously highlights Siri’s shortcomings compared to Cortana.

In the advertisement, the capabilities of Cortana are showcased, particularly her ability to understand complex commands that involve specific contact names and locations, a feature Siri currently lacks.

Microsoft Targets Siri in Latest Advertising Campaign

The ad cleverly uses Siri’s voice to concede her current inferior capabilities.

While Cortana proves to be a more adept assistant in this instance, the real challenge for Microsoft remains in convincing consumers to purchase Windows Phones to access Cortana’s features. Despite their innovative technology, Microsoft continues to struggle with capturing a significant market share from Apple’s iPhone.

still isn’t quite sure how to make that happen.

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