Radiohead Launches New Songs via PolyFauna App

Radiohead Launches New Songs via PolyFauna App

In February, the band Radiohead ventured into the digital realm by launching an iOS application titled PolyFauna. This app merges tracks from their King of Limbs sessions with a series of dynamic, abstract visuals, creating a unique blend of music and visual art.

Recently, Radiohead updated PolyFauna to include entirely new audio tracks and visual environments.

Radiohead Launches New Songs via PolyFauna App

The update’s description, “Entirely new,” holds true as it introduces a fresh auditory experience reminiscent of their Kid A album. The update transforms the original terrestrial landscapes into vast cosmic vistas filled with stars and nebulae.

The app, which might be considered more of an interactive experience than a game, allows users to explore these environments by tilting their iOS devices.

It eschews any form of tutorial, recommending the use of headphones for a full auditory immersion. Below are four previews of the new tracks included in the update.

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