iOS 8 Adoption Slow: Clear Reasons Behind the Trend

iOS 8 Adoption Slow: Clear Reasons Behind the Trend

Unlike previous iterations of Apple’s operating system, the uptake of iOS 8 has been notably slower.

Analysis from sources like Mixpanel, Chitika, and Tapjoy suggests that iOS 8 is struggling to capture the market share that previous versions have achieved.

iOS 8 Adoption Slow: Clear Reasons Behind the Trend

Several reasons could be contributing to this phenomenon:

  • The visual changes in iOS 8 are not as dramatic compared to the overhaul seen in iOS 7.

  • With the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus seeing unprecedented pre-orders, many users might prefer to wait for their new devices rather than update their current ones.

  • The update for iOS 8 requires more storage space, which might deter some from proceeding with the installation.

  • Some users have reported needing multiple attempts to successfully install the update, indicating potential issues with the installation process itself.

Indeed, while iOS 8 introduces a plethora of new features, its launch hasn’t generated the excitement seen with previous versions.

This more subdued response might not necessarily reflect the quality of the update but could be influenced by the massive attention surrounding last year’s release of iOS 7 and the buzz around the latest iPhone models and Apple Watch.

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