Apple Watch Controls Apple TV, Tim Cook Reveals More Uses

Why Apple Watch Won't Reduce iPhone Sales

Over the recent weekend, BloombergBusinessweek released an extensive interview with Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. The discussion revealed several insights that were not included in the magazine’s print edition.

One of the standout points from the interview was Cook’s enthusiasm for the potential of the Apple Watch, particularly its ability to control home devices such as the Apple TV. Cook expressed his delight in being able to manage his Apple TV directly from his wrist, highlighting the convenience of not having to search for a remote.

Why Apple Watch Won't Reduce iPhone Sales

“I love operating my Apple TV from the watch. I don’t have to worry anymore about the remote falling through the cushions of the sofa,” Cook said during the interview.

He hinted at future capabilities, suggesting that the watch could soon control more than just the Apple TV.

“There’s—I don’t think we showed this. I’ve got a little advance copy. And so it will operate your Apple TV, and you can imagine that it can control other things as well,” Cook added. He emphasized the practicality of having a device that is always on your person, which could simplify the interaction with various connected devices at home.

The conversation naturally turned towards Apple’s HomeKit, a platform designed to streamline the management of home automation devices through Apple products.

Introduced at the WWDC event earlier in the year, HomeKit represents Apple’s growing interest in the smart home industry.

Cook also reflected on Apple’s evolving approach to collaboration, citing the recent partnership with IBM as an example of the company’s new direction. “No, we wouldn’t have done it at all, because we would have said, we need to do it on our own or we don’t need to do it. What I think we’ve now done is we’ve introduced another alternative, a partner alternative. And I think we’ve learned from—particularly in the last several years, working with so many carriers—we’ve learned that we can partner,” Cook explained.

This rare, in-depth interview with Tim Cook offers a glimpse into the strategic shifts and future plans at Apple.

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