Creating Nested Folders and Hiding Apps in iOS 8

Creating Nested Folders and Hiding Apps in iOS 8

As Apple unveils its latest iOS update, enthusiasts and power users alike are discovering exciting ways to enhance their device’s functionality. Techniques such as Nested folders and hidden apps, previously popular on iOS 7, are still viable and useful on iOS 8. Here’s a guide on how to implement these hacks.

Nested Folders

Creating Nested Folders and Hiding Apps in iOS 8

Apple’s iOS 8 surprisingly continues to support the nested folder capability, a user favorite from iOS 7.

This feature allows users to organize apps more efficiently by placing folders within folders.

To create a nested folder, start by selecting an app that you want to include in a new folder. Drag this app over another app that should be in the same folder. Once iOS suggests creating a new folder, drag the folder you want to nest into this newly created folder.

This process may require precision and speed, so it’s best done when you’re fully alert.

Successfully executing this will allow you to drop the selected folder into the new folder, effectively creating a nested arrangement. This not only helps in better organization but also keeps your home screen neat.

Hiding Apps

The ability to hide apps on iOS 8 is also carried over from iOS 7, providing a neat trick to conceal apps without deleting them. This can be particularly useful for hiding pre-installed apps that are rarely used but cannot be removed from the device.

Popular YouTuber Videosdebarraquito demonstrates this technique in a clear video tutorial.

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