Adaptxt Keyboard: Free, Capable iOS 8 Add-On Review

Adaptxt Keyboard: Free

One of the standout features of iOS 8 is its support for third-party keyboards, which introduces swipe typing, an array of symbols, and multilingual capabilities.

Having explored Swype by Nuance, priced at $0.99, I found it to be a notable improvement over Apple’s default keyboard. Another interesting option is the Adaptxt keyboard, which is available for free and includes swipe functionality, support for approximately a hundred languages, and specialized keyboards for various fields such as sports, finance, and science.

Adaptxt Keyboard: Free

To use these third-party keyboards, you must first install the app and then activate the keyboard in your system settings. Once enabled, you can switch to it at any time using the “globe” key found on the Apple keyboard or any other installed keyboard.

My primary interest was in the swipe typing capability of the keyboard. It proved to be as efficient as the Swype keyboard by Nuance.

This style of typing involves sliding your fingers across the keyboard to different letters without lifting your finger, and the software adeptly predicts and inputs the correct word. You don’t even need to tap the space bar; simply pause briefly before continuing to the next word. It feels quite intuitive. As with any iOS 8 keyboard, it offers predictive text suggestions, which improve over time as the keyboard learns from your typing habits.

The Adaptxt keyboard also supports custom gestures, text shortcuts, and various keyboard layouts including QWERTY, QWERTZ, and AZERTY.

I found the keyboard to be highly effective and enjoyed using it.

The non-English keyboards are not stored within the app itself but can be downloaded as needed, which helps keep the app size manageable. Initially skeptical about swipe typing, I’ve grown to prefer this method for text input.

The Adaptxt Keyboard stands out, especially considering it’s free. It requires iOS 8 or later and is compatible with all device sizes. The only downside is the occasional issues with third-party keyboards in iOS 8, such as disappearing keyboards or inconsistencies across different apps, which were supposed to be addressed in the update to iOS 8.0.2 and the upcoming iOS 8.1.

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