iOS 8 Adoption Rate Stalls, According to App Store Metrics

iOS 8 Adoption Rate Stalls

Recent data from App Store distribution metrics indicates a slowdown in the uptake of iOS 8 among users of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, with only a 1 percent increase in adoption since its release. The current adoption rate stands at 47 percent, a slight rise from the 46 percent reported as of September 21.

This is in stark contrast to iOS 7, which saw a rapid increase, climbing to 58 percent within a week and reaching 74 percent within a few months.

iOS 8 Adoption Rate Stalls

Despite the introduction of new features like notification widgets and third-party keyboards in iOS 8, many users may be choosing to pass on the update due to compatibility issues with older devices. Notably, iOS 8 is not supported on the iPhone 4 and is known to perform sluggishly on the iPhone 4s.

Additionally, the substantial storage required for the iOS 8 update has deterred some users who lack sufficient space on their devices.

Have you updated to iOS 8? Why or why not?

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