Apple Pay Setup Guide Revealed in Latest Leaked Images

Apple Pay Setup Guide Revealed in Latest Leaked Images

As anticipation builds for the imminent rollout of Apple Pay, 9to5Mac has obtained what appear to be screenshots from an Apple training guide detailing the setup process for the new service.

Setting up Apple Pay is designed to be user-friendly, allowing users to add their credit or debit cards directly in the Passbook app or through a new menu option labeled “Passbook & Apple Pay.” Cards linked to an iTunes account can be added with ease, and new cards can be introduced by snapping a photo or entering the details manually.

Apple Pay Setup Guide Revealed in Latest Leaked Images

The leaked training guide also reveals several previously unknown features of Apple Pay. According to the document:

The integration of Apple Pay with the financial institutions means users will see a straightforward list of recent transactions, download links for bank-specific apps, direct contact options for the bank, settings for push notifications, and details of both the credit card and device account numbers.

Impressively, the system will automatically update card details such as expiration dates directly from the bank, notifying the user via push notification of any updates.

Furthermore, the report indicates that Apple Pay can support up to eight cards per device and that staff training is already underway.

While Apple has not confirmed the official launch date, an internal memo from Walgreens suggests that the service could go live this weekend. This is further supported by a recent sighting at a Whole Foods store in Denver, a known Apple Pay partner.

Apple Pay is designed with robust security measures, as previously discussed in our coverage.

Upon launch, it will be accepted at over 220,000 retail locations nationwide, including major chains like McDonalds, Whole Foods, Subway, Macy’s, Walgreens, Nike, and Disney.

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