iOS 8 Hide Photo Feature: Protect Your Personal Photos

iOS 8 Hide Photo Feature: Protect Your Personal Photos

Apple’s iOS Collections feature offers a seamless way to organize your photos by automatically grouping them according to the date and location of capture. This functionality is perfect for quickly accessing all your photos from specific trips or events, like those taken in Florida or during the festive month of December.

However, there might be certain images you’d prefer to keep private—let’s refer to them as “personal” photos.

iOS 8 Hide Photo Feature: Protect Your Personal Photos

Fortunately, iOS 8 provides a straightforward method to ensure these personal photos remain private while still being accessible in other areas of your Photos app. Here’s how you can keep them out of your Collections:

  1. First, find the photo you wish to hide, tap on it, and hold your finger down until the hide option appears.
  2. Tap on the “hide” option, then confirm your choice to make the photo invisible in Collections.

With these simple steps, the photo will no longer appear in your Collections but will still be available in the Albums section of the Photos app.

This feature is particularly useful when you want to share your Collections via AirPlay during family gatherings without revealing all your secrets. By hiding specific photos, you can control what memories you share, keeping the more personal aspects of your adventures, like those nights in Vegas, under wraps.

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