Receiving Phone Calls on Your Mac with Yosemite OS

Receiving Phone Calls on Your Mac with Yosemite OS

Chris Breen offers a concise guide on how to configure your iPhone to make calls via your Mac. Key points to note include the necessity for both your iPhone and Mac to share the same WiFi connection, and the requirement of having iOS 8 and Yosemite operating systems installed on the devices you intend to use, along with an actual iPhone.

If you’re using an iPad with iOS 8, you might have noticed the capability to receive calls on it, but setting up your Mac for this functionality requires additional steps. According to Hal Sherman, a reader, your Mac must also support native Bluetooth 4.0 LE; using a dongle as a substitute will not work.

Receiving Phone Calls on Your Mac with Yosemite OS

To enable this feature, activate “iPhone Cellular Calls” in the FaceTime preferences on both your iOS and Mac devices.

Afterwards, you can manage calls by selecting the Audio tab in FaceTime on your Mac, which even allows you to call friends who use Android. Isn’t that interesting?

Moreover, while discussing FaceTime capabilities on Mac, it’s worth mentioning that you can also configure your Mac to handle calls via Skype.

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