Apple Pay Functions Internationally with a U.S. Setup

Apple Pay Functions Internationally with a U.S. Setup

Based in Sydney, Australia, Beau Giles, a web developer and avid blogger, was curious about the compatibility of the new Apple Pay system with NFC payment terminals in Australia. Through some experimentation, Giles found that Apple Pay could indeed be used in Australia, but only under the condition that his phone’s regional settings were switched to the United States.

For users whose devices are not set to the United States, Apple Pay remains inaccessible unless they alter their device settings. While changing the region is straightforward, obtaining a compatible card is more challenging.

Apple Pay Functions Internationally with a U.S. Setup

Cards issued outside the U.S. do not support Apple Pay, necessitating the use of a card recognized by the system. This often leads to hefty fees due to currency conversion, a common pain point for Americans using their credit cards while traveling.

As of now, there is no set date for when Apple Pay will expand to other regions.

The process involves intricate negotiations with local banks and financial institutions, which can delay availability. Despite these hurdles, the allure of new technology might tempt some to try Apple Pay using Giles’ workaround, though it comes at a cost.

In addition to the article, Keaton Keller, known on Twitter as @keaton, has created a brief video tutorial that demonstrates how to configure your device according to Giles’ findings. This video is a useful resource for those interested in trying out Apple Pay in unsupported regions.

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