Music Downloads on iTunes Decline by 13%

Music Downloads on iTunes Decline by 13%

As the availability of free music continues to expand, the trend of purchasing music is noticeably waning. According to The Wall Street Journal, there has been a significant drop in music downloads via iTunes, with a decline of 13-14% since the year’s start.

Since the beginning of the year, digital music sales at Apple Inc.’s iTunes store have seen a decline of 13% to 14% globally, highlighting the ongoing challenges within the recovering music industry.

Music Downloads on iTunes Decline by 13%

Apple is adapting to these shifts and earlier this year, acquired Beats Music for $3 billion.

Although the Beats app has not yet been integrated into iTunes, Apple is actively engaging with music industry leaders to secure more favorable terms. Reports suggest that Apple is pushing for a $5 monthly subscription rate for on-demand streaming, which is half of what is typically charged by other services.

Apple’s leverage in these negotiations comes from its substantial iOS user base.

With millions of iOS device users, Apple argues that even a small percentage of subscribers opting for a paid service could generate significant revenue. For instance, if just 2% of iOS users subscribe to Beats, their numbers would rival those of Spotify’s paid subscribers.

The future of Beats Music, whether it will merge into iTunes or remain a separate entity, is still under discussion.

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