Captivating iPhone 5s Photo of Solar Eclipse Captured

Captivating iPhone 5s Photo of Solar Eclipse Captured

NASA dedicates itself to the exploration of the cosmos and shares its beauty through the daily “Astronomy Picture of the Day,” featuring celestial phenomena explained in accessible language by expert astronomers.

A recent entry showcased a breathtaking image of a solar eclipse taken by Doyle Slifer, where the moon obscures part of the sun. The photograph is notable for its capture of a plane, clouds, and sunspots all in one frame, taken at just the right moment.

Captivating iPhone 5s Photo of Solar Eclipse Captured

Interestingly, this image was snapped using an iPhone 5s, as Slifer detailed in a Reddit post.

“This pic was taken by holding my iPhone up to the eyepiece of my telescope.

It was a lucky shot (that I managed to catch the airplane). But, I keep thinking that shots like this really only happen because we all have these amazing cameras in our pockets.

Plus, I LOVE the camera on my 5s. :)”

Following the photo’s feature on APOD, the pilot seen in the image discovered it and engaged in the discussion on Reddit, revealing he was a student pilot in training with his instructor in a Cessna at the time.

For those interested in viewing the image in greater detail, visit NASA’s APOD website.

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