Trent Reznor Unveils Secret Collaboration with Apple

Trent Reznor Unveils Secret Collaboration with Apple

Apple’s deep-rooted passion for music and its collaboration with iconic musicians isn’t new. Thus, it’s hardly surprising that Trent Reznor, a seasoned artist, is currently involved in a secretive new endeavor at Apple.

Although details are sparse, he disclosed in a Billboard interview that his role involves “designing some products” for the tech giant.

Trent Reznor Unveils Secret Collaboration with Apple

Following Apple’s acquisition of Beats, Reznor, who was the chief creative officer at Beats, was invited to join Apple. He expressed his honor at being asked to collaborate directly with Apple on a project, which he hints is connected to the way music is delivered.

Discussing the controversy surrounding U2’s album release on iTunes, Reznor mentioned that the execution might not have been ideal from Apple’s side.

It seems that whatever Reznor and Apple are cooking up, it won’t involve an automatic download of a new Nine Inch Nails record—though personally, that wouldn’t be an unwelcome surprise.

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