Chartcube Transforms Spreadsheets into Engaging Stories and Interactive Conversations

Chartcube Transforms Spreadsheets into Engaging Stories and Interactive Conversations

Spreadsheets, while essential for organizing and analyzing data, often become cumbersome when it’s time to present them. Traditionally, sharing data from an Excel file during a presentation involves the tedious task of copying and pasting charts into PowerPoint, which can restrict the display of data points. Chartcube, an innovative startup founded by former leaders at Evernote and eBay, offers a more dynamic solution.

Chartcube takes the data from your Excel files and transforms it into an interactive “cube” on your iPad. This cube allows users to explore various chart combinations through simple finger swipes, making the presentation of data engaging and effective.

Chartcube Transforms Spreadsheets into Engaging Stories and Interactive Conversations

The app’s intuitive design allows for easy navigation through different metrics and groupings by swiping left, right, up, or down. Users can also toggle between summary options like Sum, Count, and Average. Additionally, cubes can be shared with peers who can then contribute comments or notes.

Data can be imported effortlessly using the Mail app or through Dropbox integration. Chartcube also supports AirPlay, enabling users to project their data on larger screens for public presentations or enhanced viewing.

Currently, only available for iPad, the developers plan to expand to iPhone and Android devices within the next year.

Chartcube is adopting a freemium model similar to that used by Evernote, with plans to introduce enterprise features in the future. For now, the focus is on gauging user reception. Having tested Chartcube for several weeks, its strengths become apparent quickly. The app simplifies data sorting for presentations, allowing presenters to respond to queries with relevant visual data without the need to create new charts for each question.


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