CES Preview: HomeKit Products Set to Shine as Highlights

CES Preview: HomeKit Products Set to Shine as Highlights

It’s been a while since Apple’s HomeKit was the talk of the town at WWDC 2014. HomeKit, designed to integrate connected devices with Apple’s ecosystem of products like iPhones and iPads, was only briefly touched upon during the event.

However, as we approach the Consumer Electronics Show in January, the buzz around HomeKit is rekindling.

CES Preview: HomeKit Products Set to Shine as Highlights

Reports from GigaOM’s Stacey Higginbotham suggest that iDevices, a known player in the connected devices industry, is gearing up to unveil new HomeKit-compatible products at the upcoming event in Las Vegas. iDevices, the creators of the iGrill meat thermometer, which was first reviewed on TUAW in 2010, has reportedly invested a hefty $10 million into the HomeKit initiative.

This investment goes beyond enhancing their existing products to foster collaborations with other brands aiming to integrate with HomeKit.

The company has assembled an in-house team specializing in hardware, software, design, and marketing to support these partnerships. Meanwhile, Litehouse.io, a new venture started by ex-Intel and Amazon executives and led by CEO Nahid Alam, is also making strides in the HomeKit market.

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