Apple to Integrate Beats Music App in iOS Update Early Next Year

Apple to Integrate Beats Music App in iOS Update Early Next Year

According to a recent report by The Financial Times, Apple is set to integrate the Beats Music service into its iOS platform as early as next year, potentially launching as soon as March. This move will place the service directly on millions of iPhones and iPads, significantly increasing its accessibility and posing a strong challenge to Spotify, the current leader in the streaming music sector.

Spotify boasts over 50 million active users and 12.5 million subscribers who pay for the service.

Apple to Integrate Beats Music App in iOS Update Early Next Year

By embedding the Beats app directly into the iOS home screen, Apple could capture a significant share of the market. The integration of Apple Pay would further streamline the process, allowing users of devices like the iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2 to easily subscribe without the hassle of entering payment details manually.

Historically, Apple has been somewhat skeptical of music streaming services, with Steve Jobs famously emphasizing the value of owning music rather than renting it.

However, the tide has turned in the music industry, with streaming services like YouTube, Pandora, and Spotify becoming increasingly popular. A recent analysis highlighted that Spotify’s revenues in Europe have now surpassed those of iTunes.

The Financial Times also suggests that as part of this integration, the Beats service might be rebranded under the iTunes label, further aligning it with Apple’s existing suite of services.

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