Billboard 200 to Include Streams from Spotify, Beats Apps

Billboard 200 to Include Streams from Spotify

The music industry is witnessing a significant transformation as streaming services gain more recognition in the mainstream metrics. A recent article by the New York Times highlighted that platforms such as Spotify and Beats will now contribute to the Billboard 200 rankings.

This adjustment will also take into account digital track sales, a departure from the previous method that only included digital and physical album sales.

Billboard 200 to Include Streams from Spotify

Under the new system, Billboard and SoundScan will equate 1,500 streams from services like Spotify, Beats Music, and Google Play to one album sale. Additionally, the concept of “track equivalent albums,” which counts ten downloads of individual tracks, will also factor into the Billboard 200 rankings.

This shift reflects a broader movement within the media industry to update measurement methods to better capture contemporary consumption habits across various platforms.

Starting November 30, the inclusion of music streams and digital downloads in the Billboard 200 will likely reshape the chart’s landscape. This update is seen as a necessary evolution to keep pace with current music consumption trends, where services like iTunes and Spotify dominate.

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