7-Year-Old Boy Outsmarts iPhone Security System

7-Year-Old Boy Outsmarts iPhone Security System

Johns Hopkins cryptography expert Matthew Green and his young son Harrison, who is just seven years old, have both become quite familiar with the security features of the iPhone. A report from CNN Money highlighted an incident where the boy managed to circumvent the Touch ID security to play Angry Birds Transformers by employing a straightforward physical method.

One early morning, Harrison tiptoed into his parents’ room and made his way to his father’s bedside.

7-Year-Old Boy Outsmarts iPhone Security System

Without making a sound, he took his father’s iPhone, gently lifted his father’s hand, and used his thumb to unlock the device using the fingerprint scanner.

Apple has recently bolstered the security on its iPhones and iPads with the release of iOS 8, which encrypts data by default. This encryption ensures that data is accessible only to the device’s owner, either through a passcode or the biometric Touch ID system.

These enhancements have drawn the attention of the FBI, which has expressed concerns that such security measures could obstruct criminal investigations. Moreover, a recent court ruling has stated that Touch ID does not fall under the protections of the Fifth Amendment.

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