Apple Watch Sales Surge, UBS Predicts 24 Million Units

Time to Temper Expectations for the Apple Watch Hype

According to a recent survey by UBS, as reported by MacRumors, the smartwatch sector is witnessing a surge in consumer interest, possibly driven by the anticipated launch of the Apple Watch. The survey, which polled 4,000 individuals from five different countries, revealed that 10% of the participants are “very likely” to buy a smartwatch within the next year, while 17% are “somewhat likely.”

That is a three-fold increase vis-à-vis the 386 respondents claiming to already own a smartwatch and a four-fold increase if we assume that around one-third of the currently owned smartwatches are actually fitness bands

Time to Temper Expectations for the Apple Watch Hype

UBS analysts, extrapolating from the survey data, estimate that Apple could sell as many as 24 million units of its smartwatch in the next year.

This projection is based on the assumption that 10% of the 240 million owners of Apple Watch-compatible devices (including iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus) will purchase the device.

However, it’s important to approach these statistics with caution as they can be easily manipulated. The survey primarily focuses on general smartwatch purchases, not specifically on the Apple Watch.

Moreover, the 10% figure used in UBS’s 24 million forecast might not hold if a significant number of respondents do not possess devices compatible with the Apple Watch. Additionally, predicting consumer behavior is challenging, especially when the pricing details of the Apple Watch have not been fully disclosed yet.

Despite these uncertainties, the growing interest in the smartwatch category is undeniable and likely advantageous for Apple as it ventures into a new product category.


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