Wozniak Debunks Myth of Apple’s Iconic Garage Origin

Wozniak Debunks Myth of Apple's Iconic Garage Origin

If you hold the romantic notion of Apple’s inception occurring in a modest garage in California, you might find your ideals challenged. In a discussion with Bloomberg’s Brandon Lisy, Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak debunked the popular myth, explaining that the garage had little to do with the creation of Apple’s first computer.

“The garage is somewhat of a myth.

Wozniak Debunks Myth of Apple's Iconic Garage Origin

It wasn’t the birthplace of Apple’s first innovations; no designs, breadboarding, prototyping, or planning of products occurred there. We didn’t manufacture anything in the garage.

Its only purpose was that it felt like home because we were just starting and had no money,” Wozniak shared.

Wozniak clarified that the main developmental work for the first Apple computer was actually conducted in his cubicle at Hewlett-Packard in Cupertino, California.

“The real work—soldering, assembling the chips, and designing them—happened in my cubicle at Hewlett-Packard,” he stated.

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