UK Politician Plays Candy Crush During Key Meeting

UK Politician Plays Candy Crush During Key Meeting

The enthralling game of Candy Crush Saga has proven to be a distraction not just for everyday folks but also for those in the corridors of power. As reported by The Sun, Nigel Mills, a Member of Parliament, was found deeply engrossed in a lengthy session of Candy Crush during a critical committee meeting on pensions and insurance.

Despite posing a few scripted inquiries, Mills spent up to two and a half hours playing the game on his government-funded iPad.

UK Politician Plays Candy Crush During Key Meeting

An anonymous attendee of the meeting captured Mills in the act, leading to a video that was handed over to The Sun. The focus has now shifted from questioning the appropriateness of Mills’ actions to identifying the individual who filmed the incident, as recording the meeting was against the rules.

It might not come as a surprise that Mills was caught playing during work hours.

His campaign slogan prominently states, “Your priorities are my priorities.” Given the global popularity of Candy Crush Saga, it seems the game has become a priority for many, including Mills.

Following the incident, Mills has apologized for his lack of focus during the meeting, contradicting his earlier assertion that he was “fully engaged” with the proceedings. The Twitter community has been quick to comment on the situation:

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