Readdle’s PDF Office: Advanced Tools for Creating PDF Forms

Readdle's PDF Office: Advanced Tools for Creating PDF Forms

Readdle, a Ukrainian developer renowned for its productivity applications for iOS, has recently expanded its suite with the introduction of PDF Office, an iPad app that elevates the PDF editing experience to a desktop-level quality. This app, which is free to download with optional in-app subscriptions, builds on the capabilities of their existing apps like PDF Expert and Scanner Pro by introducing new features essential for comprehensive PDF management.

The app’s capabilities are extensive:

Readdle's PDF Office: Advanced Tools for Creating PDF Forms
  1. Creation of PDF documents from scratch

  2. Conversion of images to PDF format

  3. Comprehensive editing of PDF documents

  4. Annotation, digital signing, and collaboration on PDF files

Among these, the most notable is the ability to create fillable PDF forms. This feature allows users to construct forms with various field types including text, dates, signatures, dropdown menus, and even calculated values.

This functionality mirrors that of Adobe Acrobat, making it a robust tool for mobile platforms.

While PDF Office shares some functionalities with PDF Expert 5, it is distinct in its focus on creating and managing PDFs. Readdle points out in a recent blog post that the development of PDF Office stemmed from enhancements originally planned for PDF Expert. The scope of these enhancements necessitated a separate application dedicated to PDF creation and management.

Readdle offers PDF Office under a subscription model, which might seem pricey at $4.99 per month or $39.99 annually.

However, considering the app provides functionalities akin to Adobe Acrobat XI, which costs significantly more, the price is justifiable. Adobe’s offering, for instance, is priced at $449.99 for a perpetual license or $19.99 per month.

For those accustomed to Adobe Acrobat’s capabilities, especially in creating and managing fillable PDF forms, PDF Office by Readdle could be an ideal alternative. It’s worth downloading the free trial to explore its features and determine if it meets your PDF management needs.

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