Dr. Dre’s Record-Breaking Year, Boosted by Apple Deal

Dr. Dre's Record-Breaking Year

It’s been an exceptionally lucrative year for Dr. Dre. Recently, Forbes magazine released its annual list of the highest earning musicians, placing Dr.

Dre at the top, surpassing the next closest artist by a staggering $500 million. Beyonce claimed the second position with earnings of $115 million.

Dr. Dre's Record-Breaking Year

Dr. Dre’s financial windfall amounted to $620 million before taxes, primarily due to Apple’s acquisition of Beats in May for $3 billion.

This monumental sum not only positions him as the top-earning musician of 2014 but also sets a record for the most money earned by a musical artist in a single year.

Dr. Dre playfully alluded to the impending sale of Beats in a lively celebration video alongside Tyrese Gibson from Fast and Furious. The video can be seen here.

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