Why Cleaning Under Your iPhone Case Matters

Why Cleaning Under Your iPhone Case Matters

Today, a Reddit user known as Flippy1 shared a striking image that might make you rethink leaving your iPhone in its case for too long. The photo showcases a friend’s iPhone after being liberated from its case, looking like it survived a dystopian ordeal.

It’s a stark reminder that sometimes, it’s necessary to brave the potential risks of damage to keep your device clean and functioning well.

Why Cleaning Under Your iPhone Case Matters

When it comes time to clean your iPhone, it’s crucial to follow the proper steps to avoid any damage. According to Apple’s guidelines:

  • Always use a soft, lint-free cloth for cleaning.

    Avoid using abrasive materials such as towels or paper towels, as these can scratch the device.

  • Ensure the device is disconnected from any external power sources before cleaning.

  • Remove any external devices or cables connected to your iPhone.

  • Avoid the use of any liquids near the device to prevent moisture from entering openings.

  • Steer clear of aerosol sprays, solvents, or abrasives that could potentially harm the device’s exterior.

  • Apply cleaners to the cloth rather than directly spraying them onto the device.

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