Apple Bans White Power Music Bands from iTunes Store

Apple Bans White Power Music Bands from iTunes Store

In response to a detailed analysis by the Southern Poverty Law Center, which highlighted the presence of numerous white power music albums on iTunes, Apple has decided to remove these albums from its platform. The report identified 54 bands, and Apple has already removed music from 30 of these groups from its U.S. store.

The SPLC has commended Apple for this action, although it noted that other platforms like Amazon continue to offer this music.

Apple Bans White Power Music Bands from iTunes Store

“Apple is taking a stand against the use of iTunes as a platform for white supremacist recruitment,” stated Heidi Beirich, head of the SPLC’s Intelligence Project. “It’s crucial that other retailers recognize their role in potentially spreading extremist messages to young audiences and act accordingly.”

Despite these removals, some of these albums remain accessible in the iTunes U.K. store.

For instance, when attempting to access an album such as “Anthems with Attitude” by Brutal Attack through the iTunes web link, users are met with a specific notification.

While the albums have been removed from direct search results in the U.S. iTunes store, they can still be found by those who specifically search for them using external search engines, ensuring that they are not encountered inadvertently by general users browsing iTunes.

You can explore the original SPLC report, titled “Music & Money & Hate,” here. This decision by Apple underscores a broader movement by tech companies to address and mitigate the spread of hate speech and extremist content on their platforms.

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