Jimmy Fallon Surprises Audience with Free iPads

Jimmy Fallon Surprises Audience with Free iPads

Last evening, attendees of NBC’s Tonight Show were pleasantly surprised when host Jimmy Fallon gifted each member of the studio audience a brand new iPad Air 2.

Known for his affinity for Apple products, Fallon frequently features gadgets like the MacBook on his desk and has even performed iPad doo-wop duets with celebrities such as Robert Plant and Billy Joel. Additionally, Fallon, alongside Justin Timberlake, lent their voices to the promotional campaigns for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, which have been prominently featured in recent months.

Jimmy Fallon Surprises Audience with Free iPads

While specific details about the iPads, such as storage capacity or model type, were not disclosed, each device is valued at a minimum of US$499.

It’s unclear whether these iPads were a part of a promotional deal or a generous gesture by Fallon. During the event, Fallon referred to the devices as “iPad 2s,” which sparked some humor about not gifting outdated technology.

For those interested in viewing the giveaway segment, it is available on the NBC website, although there were some issues with embedding the video directly from their platform.

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