OhMiBod’s Bluetooth Massager Syncs with Apple Watch

OhMiBod's Bluetooth Massager Syncs with Apple Watch

Advancements in smartphone and smartwatch technologies have streamlined many aspects of our daily lives, yet they often pose distractions from personal interactions. However, OhMiBod’s innovative Bluetooth-enabled “personal massager” aims to enhance intimate connections through your Apple devices.

At CES 2015, OhMiBod announced the addition of smartwatch compatibility and biofeedback capabilities to its blueMotion series of Bluetooth massagers, which will soon include support for the forthcoming Apple Watch.

OhMiBod's Bluetooth Massager Syncs with Apple Watch

OhMiBod is set to launch a new app for smartwatches that will synchronize with the release of the Apple Watch. This app will enable users to send vibration patterns to their partner’s massager based on their own heartbeat.

OhMiBod describes the functionality in their own words:

Imagine the excitement, arousal, and occasional nerves you feel around your partner. This app uses your heart rate not only to generate the vibrations that stimulate your partner but also to control the intensity and strength of those vibrations.

Additionally, the watch’s microphone can transmit ambient sounds to our Bluetooth massagers.


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