Fake Apple Watches Available for Purchase at CES

Fake Apple Watches Available for Purchase at CES

It’s not often that a knockoff beats the original brand to the market with a cheaper imitation, especially before the actual product has launched. Yet, this is precisely what happened at America’s largest tech fair, as discovered by a journalist from Mashable.

That’s exactly what Mashable’s Karissa Bell discovered at CES, stumbling upon an Apple Watch clone available for just $27, payable only in cash.

Fake Apple Watches Available for Purchase at CES

The clone, branded merely as “Smart Watch,” mimics the Apple Watch’s design but falls short in functionality. According to Bell, “The display only activates when the watch is turned on, and many icons are clear copies of Apple’s designs.” She noted that connecting the watch to her iPhone 6 was challenging, but once done, it could handle calls and music playback, and even vibrated for incoming calls.

The manufacturer, Hyperdon, claims the watch can run for an impressive 180 hours on a single charge, though this has not been independently verified.

Surprisingly, for $27, the device offers basic functionalities like forwarding iOS notifications and playing music, which might seem like a fair deal despite its obvious lack of quality and customer support.

[Photo via Mashable]


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