Marsh Supermarkets Teams Up with inMarket for iBeacon Apple Watch Platform

Today marks the unveiling of a pioneering iBeacon technology by Marsh Supermarkets and inMarket, which operates across 81 locations in Indiana and Ohio. This new platform is designed to enhance the shopping experience by sending notifications to users of the Marsh and inMarket List Ease apps as they navigate through the stores.

Significantly, this launch includes the first-ever iBeacon platform compatible with the Apple Watch, as confirmed by inMarket Proximity iBeacon platform.

Amit Bhardwaj, Senior Director of Customer Loyalty at Marsh Supermarkets, expressed his enthusiasm about the integration, stating, “iBeacons have revolutionized the way we engage with mobile users inside our stores. The partnership with inMarket makes it possible to connect with our customers through their favorite apps and now extends to wearable technology, enhancing the shopping experience for Apple Watch users.”

Apple Watch wearers can look forward to receiving personalized shopping assistance such as recipes, special offers, and notifications directly on their device upon its release and subsequent app updates.

The following video demonstrates how the inMarket Proximity SDK integrates with the List Ease app, allowing users to interact with their shopping list directly from their wrist.

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