Apple Pay Integration in Studio Neat App Explained

Apple Pay Integration in Studio Neat App Explained

At Studio Neat, the creators of the Slow Fast Slow app, a strategic pivot was made from a paid model to a free, ad-supported format. Unlike many others who have taken this path, they chose to promote only their own product within the app. This product, the Glif, is a tripod mount designed for iPhones, enhancing the stability for video and photo capture.

By focusing their advertising on an item that complements the user’s interest in iOS video capabilities, Studio Neat has seen positive outcomes from this approach.

Apple Pay Integration in Studio Neat App Explained

The transition to an ad-supported model led to a significant increase in revenue, with direct sales from the app generating $5,591.35 in just two months, compared to $9,464 over the previous 379 days at a price point of $1.99 per download.

Further enhancing the user experience, Studio Neat is now integrating Apple Pay into the app, simplifying the process to purchase the Glif directly. They shared their excitement about this update on their blog:

We realized Apple Pay was an ideal solution for in-app purchases, so we’ve added it in the latest update. Now, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus users can buy a Glif just using their fingerprint.

It’s a game-changer for us, and we’re proud to be pioneers among indie developers in using this technology.

Studio Neat is also offering an incentive of free shipping for Glif purchases made through Apple Pay within the app, aiming to boost sales further. This strategy targets not only enthusiasts of their products but also impulse buyers. Experience the updated Slow Fast Slow app and see how convenient it is to purchase with Apple Pay.

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