iTunes Ends “Single Of The Week” After 11 Years

iTunes Ends "Single Of The Week" After 11 Years

According to a recent report by BusinessInsider, Apple has decided to discontinue its “Single Of The Week” feature, which has been a staple of the iTunes Store for over a decade. This program allowed users to download a selected song for free each week, introducing them to new music and artists.

Since the beginning of 2015, iTunes users have noticed the absence of these free tracks, sparking speculation that Apple may have permanently ended this promotion.

iTunes Ends "Single Of The Week" After 11 Years

A user named Bob Foss shared on the Apple support forum that an Apple representative confirmed the discontinuation of the program.

The forum post where this information was discussed reveals disappointment among users. One comment mentioned, “I contacted iTunes Support and they confirmed that the free Single of the Week has been discontinued.

It seems they no longer want users browsing the Store as before. The free song each week was my incentive to visit the Store, and I often ended up purchasing additional songs.

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