Swift Programming Language Gains Significant Popularity

Swift Programming Language Gains Significant Popularity

During the 2014 WWDC, Apple introduced Swift, a new programming language designed to simplify iOS app development, making it more accessible compared to the more complex Objective-C. Swift not only aims to streamline the development process by requiring less code but also enhances the efficiency of creating robust applications.

While Objective-C will still be used, the adoption of a new programming language like Swift naturally takes time to catch on within the developer community. Despite this, Apple has been working on Swift for four years in secrecy, suggesting a strong commitment to its future in iOS app development.

Swift Programming Language Gains Significant Popularity

Now, nearly seven months after its introduction, it’s worth examining how the developer community is responding to Swift.

According to Redmonk, a firm that analyzes and ranks programming languages, there has been a noticeable increase in interest towards Swift among developers.

“Swift is a language that is going to be a lot more popular, and very soon,” was noted during the Q3 rankings. The growth seen with Swift is nearly unparalleled in these rankings’ history. Typically, a language might climb between 5 and 10 spots, but Swift leapt from the 68th position to 22nd in just one quarter, surpassing languages like Coffeescript and Lua.

This surge is more pronounced on StackOverflow than on GitHub, where Swift’s most active repositories focus on education and infrastructure. This significant rise suggests that Swift could reach the top 20 by the next Q3 rankings.

However, it’s crucial to understand that these rankings might not directly reflect actual developer adoption. As Wired explains, the rankings are based on two metrics: the volume of code on GitHub and the frequency of questions on StackOverflow.

Despite Swift’s youth, iOS development is still predominantly done in Objective-C.


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