Avoid Purchasing Counterfeit Apple Watches on eBay

Avoid Purchasing Counterfeit Apple Watches on eBay

While the official release date of the Apple Watch remains under wraps, opportunistic fraudsters are not waiting around. A recent event highlighted the first sale of a counterfeit Apple Watch on eBay. It’s crucial to remember that genuine Apple Watch prototypes or the actual product will not be available on eBay before their official retail release.

If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Avoid Purchasing Counterfeit Apple Watches on eBay

Indeed, some cunning individual has just pocketed $260 from a buyer deceived by a counterfeit listing on eBay. It must be legitimate, right? Just look at the image above, and this one right here. They certainly look convincing, don’t they?

Exercise caution and keep your finances secure by avoiding these fraudulent listings on eBay.

Once the device is officially available in stores, continue to safeguard your money and steer clear of potential scams. We’re not just concerned about our regular readers; we’re also worried about your relatives who might be less informed. Remember, being informed is your best defense.


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