KeyMouse Revolutionizes Traditional Keyboard and Mouse Setup

KeyMouse Revolutionizes Traditional Keyboard and Mouse Setup

Since its inception in 1984, the primary tools for interacting with computers—keyboards and mice—have seen little innovation. That’s why a recent Kickstarter initiative caught my eye when a colleague recommended it.

The project, called KeyMouse, offers a novel approach to these traditional peripherals.

KeyMouse Revolutionizes Traditional Keyboard and Mouse Setup

The KeyMouse reimagines the conventional keyboard by splitting it into two separate sections, each designed to be used by one hand. This design features a raised middle section where your hands rest, promoting an ergonomic typing posture.

Additionally, the KeyMouse functions as an optical mouse, allowing you to navigate your cursor without switching devices.

This device is equipped with numerous customizable buttons, making it ideal for both gamers and professionals in fields like graphic design. Its versatility was showcased at CES 2015, and since then, the project has reached approximately 41% of its funding goal with just 11 days left.


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