Amazon Launches Kindle Textbook Creator Beta for Mac

Amazon Launches Kindle Textbook Creator Beta for Mac

For several years now, Apple has offered iBooks Author at no cost for Mac users, enabling the creation of textbooks for its iBooks platform. In a recent development, Amazon has introduced a beta tool called Kindle Textbook Creator, which allows educators and authors to craft Kindle books from pre-existing content and publish them directly through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing service.

This new tool is not just for textbooks but can be used to create various types of books that are compatible with a wide range of devices including iPad, iPhone, Fire tablets, Android devices, Mac, and PC.

Amazon Launches Kindle Textbook Creator Beta for Mac

Amazon highlights several innovative features in Kindle Textbook Creator:

  • Multi-Color Highlighting – Allows users to highlight and categorize essential information.

  • Notebook – Users can collect significant passages, images, and bookmarks, which are automatically compiled in a notebook. This feature also allows students to add personal notes.

  • Flashcards – Facilitates the creation of flashcards for studying key terms and definitions chapter by chapter.

  • Dictionary – Provides definitions and Wikipedia links for complex terms to aid understanding.

  • Buy Once, Read Everywhere – Ensures that eTextbooks can be read on the most commonly used devices by students.

For more detailed information, you can view a full FAQ on Kindle Textbook Creator here.

With these developments, it appears Apple may need to update its iBooks Author tool, especially considering the recent integration of the iBookstore with OS X Yosemite, which has reportedly led to an influx of about one million new users each week.

Update: TidBITS co-founder and senior editor Tonya Engst recently noted on Twitter that books produced with Kindle Textbook Creator can be distributed for free outside of Amazon, but cannot be sold.

A similar policy is in place for iBooks Author.


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