App Developers Outearned Box Office Revenue Last Year

App Developers Outearned Box Office Revenue Last Year

The realm of mobile applications has expanded rapidly into a significant industry within just a few years. A fascinating insight from Horace Dediu at Asymco highlights the scale of this growth: in 2014, the total earnings of iOS app developers surpassed the global box office revenues of the film industry.

Apple’s recent reports reveal that they distributed a staggering $10 billion to developers last year, which exceeds the box office revenues during the same period. When considering Apple’s 30% commission on app sales, this indicates that the App Store’s total billings were around $14.3 billion.

App Developers Outearned Box Office Revenue Last Year

It’s crucial to recognize that the box office figures do not fully represent the entire film industry, which also includes income from retail, streaming, licensing, and other sources.

However, Dediu notes that the figure reported by Apple only represents a fraction of the total app economy. When factoring in additional platforms, licensing deals, and other forms of revenue, the app industry likely outpaces the comprehensive financial scope of Hollywood.

[Image via Asymco]

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