Google Enhances Docs, Sheets, Slides: New Features & Security

Google Enhances Docs

Google has recently updated its suite of applications—Docs, Sheets, and Slides—enhancing functionality within Google Drive. For iOS users, these apps now include Touch ID support for added security.

They have also improved accessibility features, such as VoiceOver compatibility, and better screen magnification for those using the iOS zoom feature.

Google Enhances Docs

While security and accessibility improvements are significant, the real value lies in the productivity enhancements these updates bring. Google Docs now offers real-time spell-checking, a boon for those typing on smaller screens.

Google Sheets has made it simpler to manage data by allowing users to hide rows and columns. Additionally, Google Slides now supports the grouping of shapes, making it easier to organize images within presentations directly from an iOS device.

These updated apps are available for download at the iTunes Store.

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