Stanford’s New iOS 8 App Development Course with Swift on iTunes U

Stanford's New iOS 8 App Development Course with Swift on iTunes U

Stanford University has recently unveiled a new instructional series on iTunes U, aimed at budding developers. The series, titled Developing iOS 8 Apps with Swift, currently features two detailed lectures along with slide presentations, each lasting just over an hour.

Geared towards iOS 8 and utilizing Swift, the course covers necessary tools and APIs for building apps on iPhone and iPad using the iOS SDK.

Stanford's New iOS 8 App Development Course with Swift on iTunes U

It delves into user interface design tailored for mobile devices, leveraging multi-touch technology. The curriculum emphasizes object-oriented design with a focus on the model-view-controller framework, memory management, and the Swift programming language.

Additional topics explored include animation, managing device power, multi-threading, networking, and optimizing performance.

Prerequisites include knowledge of the C language and object-oriented programming beyond the Programming Abstractions level, along with completion of Programming Paradigms.

Recommended background includes familiarity with UNIX, graphics, and databases.

As is customary with iTunes U offerings, this course is available at no cost in the iTunes Store.


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